About Us

_HAW0399Who are we?

We are a personal training & athletic performance facility that has served the Boston area for over 15 years. Founded in 1996 by owner Joseph Sumrell, IOFC provides training to  a diverse group of professionals, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts.

Our system is designed to push the body to new levels of strength and fitness while also training for better quality of movement and function. We aim to provide an unrivaled training as well as a  learning experience that promotes physical progress and well being. 

Whether you’re an athlete looking to elevate your performance, trying to lead a healthy lifestyle, or looking for new challenges,  we have a program that can suit your goal(s).


Inside Out Fitness Concepts emphasizes the mental aspect of training as well as the physical. Our goal is to train the body as well as the mind while pursuing greater levels of fitness and quality of life.

Whether motivating clients to look within for strength, or providing them with valuable coaching cues, we aim to help connect the dots and train for life as well as fitness.